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Our History

In the late 40’s the existing schools in Dhangadhi could no longer provide satisfactory guideline about modern education for the rural students in this area so to avoid this condition STEPPING STONE ENGLISH SCHOOL was established in 2048B.S. With a view to provide genuine and quality education in the area which was not being provided the required quality of education without any proper guidelines of the existing competition in this world. Started from Nursery class to Three in 2048B.S the school upgraded slowly to class 9-10. The first badge appeared in the SLC examination 2056BS.

Even though the main aim of school is to ample facilities for active academic pursuit, sincere efforts have been made to infuse in the students a sense of honesty, loyalty, dignity of labour and pride in the national heritage, tradition and culture.

Vision & Mission

  • To provide access to schooling of the highest quality, one that is broad-based and balanced as well as interactive and global in dimension.
  • To help produce future leaders with deep-rooted cultural grounding and love for one’s county, and yet, with the confidence to forge ahead in the regional and international arena.
  • To encourage a genuine love of learning so that work as well as play is regarded as enjoyable and worthwhile.
  • To create an environment in which all pupils are encouraged to excel in whatever they undertake.
  • To provide a secure, disciplined and happy residential community environment in which the children will find good friendships and personal fulfillment.

Rules and regulation


Stepping Stone English School students are expected to be appropriately groomed and dressed at all times. It is recommended for the sake of personal hygiene and preventing infestations in the hair that girls keeps their hair cut short. Trimming their hair may be done on Home weekends and long holidays, when they are allowed to visit home. Boys too will keep their hair cut short and tidy.

    • Except for No Uniform Days, School uniforms of the specified School colours are compulsory. T-Shirts must be properly buttoned and tucked into trousers.
    • After school hours, during the games/sports activity periods, students will change into their sports outfit which is the recommended track suit.
    • Expensive jewellery and watches should not be worn to School since they could be lost or stolen.

Absence and Return:

A student who is returning after an absence is required to bring a letter signed by his parent or guardian giving the date(s) and reason for absence. The Readmission Slip from the Administration Office needs to be submitted to the Graderoom Facilitator for the student to attend the regular classes after absence.


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